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Vanity Disaster

11/27/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Vanity Disaster The carpet soaked in water from the burst pipe.

In mid-August, we were called to a local home in Grand Blanc. A pipe had burst under the vanity in the bathroom. The water spread quickly from the bathroom, into the bedroom, effecting the carpet and the padding underneath. Our team quickly jumped into action assessing the damage and setting equipment.

Next, our team started the required demo within the effected areas. They removed the vanity, insulation in the underbelly of the home, drilled holes in both rooms’ drywall, removed the padding under the carpet and floated the carpet. The only area of concern was the drywall behind the tub, but we were hoping that it would start to dry out and we would not have to remove it.

When we returned to monitor the drying process 24 hours later, we found that the drywall behind the tub was no longer a concern and that the affected areas were drying as intended. Two days later, we returned to remove the equipment and prepare for the reconstruction process. It’s always a great day at SERVPRO and now it’s a great day this customer’s house as well!

Crawl Space Pool?

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Crawl Space Pool? The basement that flooded as a result of the water in the crawl space.

Crawl spaces are typically small and difficult to maneuver through; however, there are those times when it can’t be avoided.

At a resident’s home in Grand Blanc, water was coming from the crawl space into the basement. The carpet was soaked, but the homeowner did not know where the water was coming from within the crawl space. A plumber came out and fixed the source, but our work was only just beginning. Our crew started by removing the carpet from the affected area. Once the carpet was removed, the equipment was ready to be set to start the drying process; however, the circuits kept popping. We learned that we were attempting to plug in more than the house could handle in that specific area. So, we regrouped and came back the next day to monitor and swap out some of the previously set equipment with some Ariel fans. This helped with the power restraint, while maintaining drying power within the affected area. After a few short days, the homeowner was able to take back their home, knowing that there was no water where it should not be!

Double Header

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

This one’s a true double header! We were called out to a home in Oxford for a shower/bath that was leaking into the basement AND mold in the basement that needed to be remediated.

To start, we addressed the water issues that the customer faced, conducting demo and setting equipment to start the drying process. Next, we addressed the mold in their basement. Our crew set-up a containment zone, remediated the mold and then place 3 air scrubbers in the affected area. After a couple of days, the water affected area was dry and the affected mold area was good to go. This job is now in reconstruction and soon their home will look like the shower/bath never leaked and the mold was never even there.

That Sinks!

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage That Sinks! The basement under where the supply line had broke.

Those darn sinks sure can make an unexpected mess in a home! One moment it is just sitting there and the next, there is water everywhere! What do you do? Who do you call? This customer called us and now their home is as if it never even happened!

At this Flint home, the kitchen sink caused a mess! The supply line under the sink broke, cause water to go everywhere. Our crew showed up on site and immediately started extracting the standing water. From there, they started the demolition process. The kitchen floor, base boards, sub floor, insulation under the sub floor in the basement and vanities were all removed. The equipment was set and we began the next stage of water losses, monitoring. Each day a member of our crew returned to the house to ensure that it was drying properly. After a couple of days, they home was dry, and reconstruction was able to come in and put their home back to normal.  

Disinfecting Clean: Biohazard Job

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

A few weeks ago, we received a call from a company in need of a disinfecting clean. A physical Therapy Company recently learned that one of their patients was diagnosed with C-diff Colitis, a highly contagious bacterial infection that typically resides in the colon. Their facility was shut down directly after receiving the news. We received the call shortly after 4:00 PM and started mobilizing our staff. This was an all hands-on deck situation, as the business needed to reopen the next day. Our staff quickly packed their vehicles, grabbed the proper Personal Protection Equipment and hit the road.

Upon arrival, the crew visited the neighboring store to get the key to the building. Given the nature of the job, prior to entering the building, our crew needed to put on a full Tyvek suit and full-face respirator to ensure that they could safely clean the facility. Our crew knocked that cleaning job out in just 2 hours and the company was able to reopen the next day with their mind at ease.

Washing Machine Floods House

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Washing Machine Floods House The laundry room after the flooring was removed and the air movers were set.

We have all hoped that our washing machine will never turn against us and clean nothing more than the items that we put inside it; however, sometimes that is not case.

We recently completed a water loss in Grand Blanc where the hose for the washing machine broke, leading to water overflow. When we arrived on site, we learned that multiple levels were affected. Ben and Tracy and immediately started a hard surface extraction to remove the water from the flooring. It was after that process was completed that they noticed the vinyl flooring was starting to bubble and was reading 99% wet on the moisture reader. They are removed the flooring, set equipment and took the next couple days to monitor. Now the customer’s home is as if it never even happened.   

Betrayed by the Ceiling

8/15/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Betrayed by the Ceiling The exposed pipe that caused the damage.

The fourth of July is meant to be a day of celebration and remembrance of the journey that our country has taken to be where we are today. Unfortunately for one family, this year was not as joyous as years past.

Our on-call staff received a call the morning of the fourth. A home in Davison experienced a leak in their ceiling, from a plumbing issue in their upstairs bathroom. It was causing water damaging is various locations throughout the house. Ben and Josh were the first of our staff to arrive on-site and start the demo process. The house was carpeted, which means all of it, including the padding needed to be removed and disposed of prior to setting the drying equipment. In addition to the demoing the carpet, the crew also removed 18 square feet of drywall in the ceiling. Once demo was complete, we placed air movers and dehumidifiers throughout the affected areas to start the drying process. After a couple days of monitoring, the homeowner was able to reclaim their home with peace of mind.

Mold in the Attic

6/26/2018 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Mold in the Attic This is a side by side comparison of the ceiling in the attic.

This attic is 1,983 square feet. When we first arrived on site it was completely covered in mold. The inspector identified the source as an improper ventilation issue. Understandably so, the homeowner was unable to fix the source until the mold was remediated. They called our office and Eric went out to give them an estimate. Soon after the estimate was accepted by the homeowner, our techs, Austin and Josh were onsite in full Tyvek suits setting up the containment and starting the remediation process. In the first day we were able to set-up the containment, remediate and set the air scrubbers. Upon the final walk through with the homeowner, the attic was clear of mold and ready to start fixing the source of the problem.

Sump Pump Failure leads to Flooding Issues

5/7/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Sump Pump Failure leads to Flooding Issues Water seeping under the wall to damage the carpet in the other room.

On April 19th, we received a water loss at a commercial site in the Goodrich area. What we thought was a standard category 1 water loss, was actually a category 3. Over the weekend, they lost power in an ice storm and their sump pump failed, causing the toilets to overflow and flood the building. The employees attempted to clean the water up themselves, but quickly learned that it was a much bigger job than they were equipped to handle on their own and called us.

Upon our Production Manager, Darren arriving on site and conducting our initial surveillance, we learned that there was little to no moisture in the walls. The flooring was not so lucky. After conducting several moisture reading tests throughout the effected areas, we learned that all of the flooring, approximately 500 sqft, will have to be removed.

Later that day, our crew arrived on site to start demoing the effected area. This demo included: The main hallway, 7 rooms and 4 bathrooms. All flooring was removed, and two feet of drywall and insulation from the floor up. Air movers were strategically placed to produce the most desirable air flow and the most efficient drying process. Furthermore, dehumidifiers were used to assist the air movers in their task.

In the end, we have another happy customer and a commercial property that is back up and running as if it “Never even happened.”

Standing Up for Child Abuse Prevention & Autism

5/1/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Standing Up for Child Abuse Prevention & Autism We decorated our front yard with blue and silver pinwheels to help show our support.

Throughout the month of April, SERVPRO of Lapeer has been actively participating in Child Abuse Prevention and Autism Awareness month.

The month started with us simply decorating the lawn with the blue and silver pinwheels and each staff member wearing a blue ribbon in support of the causes. As the month went on, we quickly started to become more involved. Here is a list of our involvements:

  • Justice for Lily Foundation’s Lily Ball Sponsor
    • Table Sponsor
      • Though many of our team members are on committees for this event, we purchased a sponsorship to allow our entire office the opportunity to attend the event.
    • Weekly Meeting Host
      • We have donated a portion of warehouse space to the Justice for Lily committee to assemble center pieces and auction baskets for the event.
    • Community Supply Drive
      • Promoted and dedicated a portion of our office to supplies being collected for the Child Advocacy Center of Lapeer County and the Forever Friends Network in Lapeer.

We are saddened that this month has come to a close; however, we are proud of the support that we were able to give to those organizations and individuals in our community that are the boots on the ground. Thank you to everyone that joined us in showing their support and a BIG thank you to those individuals who are the boots on the ground.