Commercial Photo Gallery

Flooding Causes Office Damage

A company in Goodrich experienced sump pump failure that resulted in office flooding. The carpets, as you can see in the picture, were damaged. When demoing the building, the carpet was removed and air movers and dehumidifiers were placed to start the drying process. This company is well on their way to their building being back to normal!

Goodrich Company Floods

A company in Goodrich experienced a power outage, which lead to sump pump failure and flooding throughout their building. This room in the picture had been cleaned 3-4 times prior to us receiving the call and arriving on site. the source has been fixed and we were able to extract the water. They have not had to clean water up since.

Commercial Water Damage

A sudden flood of water inside the Lapeer Medical Center gave cause for an emergency Sunday clean-up by SERVPRO of Lapeer & Grand Blanc.  It is important for facilities such as this to call in the pros when unclean water becomes an issue as we are able to extract the water and apply anti-microbial agents to the affected areas in order to kill microorganisms and inhibit potential growth from occurring. Additionally, medical facilities suffer greatly if they are forced to be closed, as do their clients.  It was of utmost importance that we get this building dried up and back open as quickly as possible.

Large Commercial Fire Suppression System Failure

Large Commercial Fire Suppression System Failure

One of our larger, repeat clients suffered from a failure in their fire suppression system.  This caused a tremendous amount of damage throughout the facility, forcing us to dry down and mitigate their main lobby, eating area, halls and many of their rooms.