Recent Before & After Photos

Basement Mold

This basement needed a demo prior to the remediation process. As you can see from the photos, there was carpet that we needed to remove. After the removal, we w... READ MORE

Moldy Attic

This attic is 1,983 square feet and completely covered in mold. It was identified and a ventilation issue, but they were unable to solve the problem until the m... READ MORE

Moldy Corner

Ben and Austin arrived on site to find a tarp covering the mold discovered in the corner of the dinning room. Prior to removing it, they built a barrier around ... READ MORE

Kitchen Sink Leak

Sinks can cause some major damage in your kitchen. Luckily, this customer was able to catch the leak soon enough to avoid any major damage. The pipe under the s... READ MORE

Burton Basement Flood

A home in Burton was flooded due to the sump pump failing. Based on the moisture readings that we took, the basement was reading anywhere from 28% to 99% moistu... READ MORE

Restaurant Flooded Basement

Around 11:30 PM, we received a call from a local restaurant with a basement flood. We arrived on site and Ben and Austin started to extract the standing water. ... READ MORE

Kitchen Cleaning

This kitchen was covered in layers of dust and dirt. The dust on the stove was so thick that you could write paragraphs on it, and still have dust to spare. The... READ MORE

Warehouse Cleaning

This 75,000 square foot warehouse was covered in carbon dust. It spread into every room, including the bathrooms. With a timeline of two weeks to clean the buil... READ MORE

Doll Museum Fire Mitigation & Restoration

After a very bad fire at the Doll Museum, SERVPRO of Lapeer was called in to take care of the mess and to restore the building. The before picture shows the ch... READ MORE

Doll Museum Fire Mitigation & Restoration

Sunday, Aug. 30 around 2:30 p.m. a fire started in the upstairs of the building that houses the Davison Doll Museum. SERVPRO of Lapeer was called in to take car... READ MORE